Medical Inventory Manager

Track expiration dates, minimize inventory losses, and ensure patient safety.

The medical inventory manager provides a single place to track inventory across multiple clinics / hospitals. By tracking details such as lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates, Knack will help your team make smarter inventory decisions.


Each clinic can track its own inventory. The same product can be stocked in multiple clinics. Each item in a sale order needs to be picked by a staff user. Knack will always list the inventory lot that is soonest to expire first.

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  • Staff can view details for one specific clinic. They can add new orders, request more inventory, and receive inventory from vendors.

  • Admins can add new products, manage inventory purchases, and process customer orders.

Who uses the Medical Inventory Manager?

  • Admins who need to oversee everything: Inventory, Orders, and Customers.
  • Staff who need to take inventory out and receive new inventory in a specific clinic.

Key Features

  • Track inventory lots across multiple clinic locations. Knack records where every product comes from, and who it ends up being sold to.

  • Quickly access all inventory lot sales in case of an audit or product recall.

  • Knack can automatically cycle old inventory out to ensure clinics never use an expired product again.

  • Multiple clinics can be managed from the same app.

  • Cut your inventory losses by tracking expired inventory per clinic.

About this template

Knack is an easy to use custom online database platform. This means you can completely customize this template and add features to meet your exact needs. If you need something even more customized you can build your app from scratch.

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