Customer Success

Work with Knack customers
and ensure their success

Knack is hiring for our customer success team! You’ll be an integral part of our customer team focused on supporting the success of each of our customers.

Our customer success team is the glue, the super power, and the secret sauce of team Knack. They are on the front lines working with our customers every day. Not only do they work directly with customers to ensure their success, they are doing product research, customer discovery, feature prioritization, and other vital services to pushing Knack forward.

For many business owners building an app can be overwhelming, so your primary job will be to help them both understand and use the tools better, while answering questions along the way, validating the fit with Knack, and pointing them in the right direction to get the most from their applications.

Knack is a complex and highly technical product, which you'll need to grasp the depth and intricacies of. You should have familiarity with database concepts, and be open to diving in on HTML, CSS, and how APIs work.

What You'll Do

  • Tickets, live chat and phone support.
  • Proactive outreach to existing customers.
  • Building out our help docs.
  • Creating how-to's, tutorials, and blog entries for using our product.
  • Gaining insights into how businesses use (and want to use) Knack.

You'll get to do this working remotely with a talented, fun, tight-knit team dedicated to building an amazing product.

What about off hours?

This position is identical to our regular customer success position except in one big respect: we're looking for someone who can help expand our support coverage beyond our current 10am to 6pm EST window.

As Knack continues to grow, an increasing number of our customers are based outside of the United States and operating in much different timezones.

We're currently seeking coverage for the following gaps. Please indicate which coverage you could support and how that is sustainable for you.

  • UK and European business hours.
  • Weekend coverage for US business hours. This would be a full-time position that would overlap over the weekend (for example, working Thursday-Monday with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off).

Our remote culture is a big deal to us, and our goal is to retain as much of that as possible during this transition. This means that communication will be even more important. There will be less availability for immediate responses on questions, less real-time hangouts, less chances to bond with teammates. We understand there will be challenges, and we're looking for someone with the willingness, flexibility, and confidence to work through those together.

About You

Above all, you live for that "A-HA" moment, when the lightbulb turns on and everything clicks for the customer. They see the value proposition clearly and are thrilled that you helped get them there.

You love writing and are able not only to do it in a clear and concise manner, but can project some personality, warmth, and humor with your voice.

You can empathize with other humans. You can quickly pick up on how they best communicate, what they really need, and meet them where they are, not where you think they should be.

You’re both a teacher and a learner. You’re not afraid to admit when someone may know more than you. You have the confidence to help others level up.

You’re an outstanding communicator. You can document a problem, and clearly and succinctly outline a solution. You’re not afraid to distill things into plain English for teammates and customers.

You have experience working in fast-paced environments, prioritizing and balancing multiple projects, and working with cross-functional teams.

You want to work on a product you can be proud of that impacts thousands of people all over the world, from non-profits to the world’s biggest companies.

You go all in. You want to do your best work, and have that work make an impact.

About Knack

Knack is a no-code platform that makes it easy for anyone to build applications and workflows to do amazing things with their data.

Knack launched in 2012 and has been growing steadily as we’ve built our team, perfected our product, and nailed our product-market fit. We’re now ready to take things to the next level and maximize the opportunity for what this product can be.

So why are we different?

We’re bootstrapped: we’ve had to build something our customers actually pay for. This changes how you do things.

We’re 100% remote: and have been from the beginning. Every decision we’ve made has been based around optimizing our remote operations.

We’re small: and we like it that way. We’re more than just chat avatars-- we’ve all gotten to know each other, have grown together, and love working with each other.

We enjoy the journey: we’re in this for the long haul. We’re not chasing an exit or the next round of funding. We’re building something we’re proud of and want to keep improving on.

You can read more about Knack and the team here.

Benefits & Compensation

Define your work: our only rule is our overlap zone of 11am to 4pm EST. Otherwise find the location, environment, and schedule that is best for your life and work. It’s not about separation, it’s about optimization.

Unlimited Paid Vacation: take the time you need to stay motivated, charged, and balanced. You’ll get forced days off for birthdays and knackiversaries.

Paid Corporate Retreats: we get together twice a year at amazing locations to do normal human being things in person. We pay for your flight, lodging, and meals.

Learning Credits: an annual allowance is provided to stay on top of your game with classes, books, and conferences.

HealthCare: we offer health, vision, and dental, covering 75% of the premium for you and your dependents (spouse + children).

How to Apply

Please note that we are only considering applicants legally eligible to work in the US.

If interested, please include any social links (GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and answer the following questions:

  • What coverage could you provide, and how would this be sustainable for you?
  • Why would you be a great fit for Knack?
  • How can we see some of your best work?
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